May 22nd 2022 Update

Alright, Mistress of Chaos is up to about 47,500 words, and it’s coming along pretty well. I’m pretty happy with how it’s coming together, and hopefully everyone will enjoy it, once it’s out. I’m still figuring out a few elements of the story… oh, who am I kidding? I’m figuring out a lot of elements of the story as I go along! Anyway, it’s working out overall, so hopefully I’ll be able to get the book out sooner rather than later. We shall see!

My other project, Embers of War, just hit 70,000 words, but it’s slowing down. Doing two projects like this isn’t easy, unfortunately. It’s a very different story, so I have no clue how or when it’ll end. We shall see. In any case, it’s working out just fine for me at the moment. We’ll see what happens as I progress, though.

In any case, that’s all I have to say for the moment! I hope you’re all doing well!

2 thoughts on “May 22nd 2022 Update

  1. Hmm good work on simultaneously working on two different books, definitely looking forward to both of them


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