September 5th 2021 Update

My week off is done! Well, mostly. Tomorrow I start the next editing pass on Adept of Chaos, after which it’ll be off to the editor. The editor is expecting a three week period to finish editing the book, so I anticipate that it’ll be an early October release. Sorry, everyone, but I’ve definitely missed my goal of late summer for this one. Still, it’s getting there! I’ll update the release date as soon as I have a firm date I’ll get it back.

Since the past week has been primarily me relaxing, there isn’t much else to say… except that I got art back from Mario Wibisono for the new cover of Queen’s Move, which I’m sharing below! I like how it turned out, and hope you do, too!

2 thoughts on “September 5th 2021 Update

  1. Considering the length of the book, I think it’s entirely understandable why you missed your original hoped for date.

    I think that works much better for the Queen’s Move cover. I understand why Warden needed a new outfit, but I definitely prefer her OG one ๐Ÿ˜…. I also like this iteration of Lilith’s too. Feels very her ๐Ÿ˜Š. Not sure what it is about Spark, but I feel she looks animesque (it’s not a bad thing)

    Hope you had a good week off!


  2. Yeah, it’s understandable, but I wish it hadn’t happened. I hate missing deadlines, especially my own.

    For the other cover, I underestimated how much Warden’s new outfit would blend in with her skin (which was honestly a bit too blue, it’s supposed to be a blue undertone, after all). Going to try to fix that with the first omnibus cover.

    As for Spark, suspect it’s because she’s petite, relatively small (partly because Lilith is hovering), and the hairstyle. But I could be wrong.

    I think I did! I definitely needed it, but even if I’m not completely at 100%, I have things to get done!


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