August 29th 2021 Update

I’ve completed the rough draft of Adept of Chaos, with just over 160,000 words. It might grow, it might shrink, but it’s definitely the longest book I’ve written, and I’m taking a week off to avoid burning out. It’s 50% longer than I expected, after all! That said, I’m not updating the release date just yet, I need to figure out how extensive of changes it might require and set up an editing date with my editor. I’d call it either the last week of September or the first week of October at the soonest.

I expect my next project is going to be the next book of Soul Bound, which I also expect to be the last book in that series, but it could expand to two books. Mostly, it depends on whether there’s more plot to be had than I expect for each of the two parts I have in mind, but we’ll see. After Soul Bound will probably be either Eve of Destruction or Through the Fire. Through the Fire has been working its way up my list over the past year, so I want to get to it relatively soon. Not to mention Beesong Chronicles clamoring in the background!

Anyway, I’m going to relax a bit, maybe write on some of my ‘for fun projects.’ I hope all of you have a great week!

3 thoughts on “August 29th 2021 Update

  1. While I do really like your others stories I am really looking forward to the next beesong book. Just think Not is a fantastic character. That said adept of chaos is high in the list too so good to know the date will come forward a bit. Keep up the good work


  2. It’s looking like Adept of Chaos will be an October release, based on the editor’s schedule. I’m hoping, anyway!

    But yes, Joy is an awesome character, and I look forward to getting back to her. I just have far too fertile of an imagination, I’m afraid.


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