Queen’s Gambit Audiobook Release

Apparently, it’s going to be one of those weeks when tons happens! I have one or two art pieces coming in, so that’s making things even more interesting, but… the audiobook of Queen’s Gambit is also out! Links to the Amazon.com and Audible.com sites below!

2 thoughts on “Queen’s Gambit Audiobook Release

  1. Yay! That means I get to listen to it after I get done with Chosen of Chaos. Now I just need to think about whether I listen to the first 5 before Queen’s Gambit or just go straight to it. I’m also really curious to see how impactful that one point is 🤔

    Also I can never tell my mom that I like Evelyn (she’s top 3, behind Lilith and Xandra 😅). If the Eve of Destruction series came out before Lilith’s Shadow, it’s *possible* that I might have kept my initials. She is still salty about that 🧂. At least, she’s not quite as insane as Amber 😂


  2. I hope that it’s as good as you’re hoping! The people I’ve talked to about it so far think it’s good, which is a good sign.

    Heh, I really can’t comment on that… though Evelyn is /far/ too much fun to write about.


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