April 25th 2021 Update

Alright, I’ve got a couple of pieces of information to share today, so let’s get started!

First off, Queen’s Gambit is up to ~93,800 words. I expect I’ll likely finish the rough draft this coming week, at which point I’ll be going into editing, scheduling it with my editor and narrator, and all of that sort of thing. Shorter than some books, longer than others… but overall I’m pleased that it’s going well. I also have cover art in-progress, and am looking forward to being able to put up the pre-order!

In somewhat mixed news, the audiobook of Chosen of Chaos is going to be delayed. I had a narrator I loved lined up for it, but this past week I got my third inquiry about acquiring its audio rights, and as it was Podium Audio, it immediately caught my attention. I can’t go into all the particulars about the contract they offered, that part is confidential, but I’ve heard lots of really good things about them, from their marketing to the high-quality narrators they hire for productions. I had a video meeting with one of their staff to discuss things, then had a chat with the narrator I had lined up. After some deliberation, I decided to take their offer. Oh, and I should add that this isn’t just for Chosen of Chaos, but for the entire series.

That does mean that it’s going to be significantly delayed, however. From what I was told, most likely the audiobook won’t come out until the third or fourth quarter of this year. That said, they told me that if I get Adept of Chaos out by August (which is my hope), it shouldn’t be too far behind Chosen of Chaos. I’m going to do what I can to not be the source of any delays, if at all possible. I’ll be honest, this opportunity really, really excites me. It also adds a bit of added impetus to do more in Eve of Destruction, but one thing at a time.

2 thoughts on “April 25th 2021 Update

  1. Oh, it’ll totally come to Audible! It’s just like how Tantor Media will produce an audiobook and distribute it to Audible. In Podium’s case, they are mostly exclusive to Audible, which doesn’t thrill me, but as Audible is like 90% of the audiobook market, it makes sense. I think that they’re just going to make a better product than I’d necessarily manage to do directly, market the book better, and make a better audiobook cover.


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