June 21st Update

I didn’t get the pre-order for Hives & Heroism set up this week, mostly because I got distracted with my side projects. I’ve done some of the prep work now, though, so I should have it up today or tomorrow, with any luck. I expect to be editing it for much of this next week, possibly more. We’ll see!

On the other hand, I did approve the audiobook of Queen’s Move this past Friday, so it’s on its way to publication, and is at the mercy of Audible at this point. Hopefully it’ll make its way through briskly this time around! Recording on Queen of Diamonds has also begun, which is pretty much on schedule.

There isn’t much else going on with me at the moment, though. I’m just trying to enjoy my vacation, such as it is!

2 thoughts on “June 21st Update

  1. It’s now up on Amazon… and preordered by me. Now shoo, the idea of a vacation is to get away from work, not continue it!

    Relax, order food for delivery, watch something mindless (or not so mindless), and have fun.


  2. Heh, the vacation is /after/ I finish editing Hives & Heroism! And my idea of vacation is doing selfish stuff, like writing stories that I probably wouldn’t publish. Or ones that I might, but which aren’t full novels. Or my pathfinder adventure (steampunk with dirigibles and the like), which probably will never be published.

    I intend to relax, though. I’m not trying for a specific word count each day, just doing /something/.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to releasing it!


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