Queen’s Move Audiobook Release!

Queen's Move Audio

This was a bit of a shock for me, since Audible got Queen’s Move through the approval process in only a week! Sarah Goer returned for this, and has started on Queen of Diamonds as well! If you decide to get it, I hope you enjoy the book!

2 thoughts on “Queen’s Move Audiobook Release!

  1. Yes! I’m so glad this is out, I’ve just now purchased it, about 5 minutes after first seeing this post. I’ve been checking this site at least twice a week since you announced the work on the latest Lilith’s Shadow audiobooks, just waiting to see when they would be released. Can’t wait for Queen of Diamonds as well!

    I generally read a book for the first time through but love having the audiobooks for my 2nd to 10th + time through them. Reading is great to make sure I don’t miss anything – easier to pick up where you left off on being interrupted and even skim a few previous paragraphs if needed, by contrast on subsequent times experiencing the book I know the overall plot so it’s easier listening to the audiobook to know what was happening before an interruption when I can’t easily skim back over a previous part.


  2. I’m glad you’ve been looking forward to it! Personally, I don’t like listening to audiobooks, but I suspect that’s because I read rather quickly, plus I can’t multi-task while listening to them so it doesn’t save me any time.

    Queen of Diamonds is probably going to be out in August, possibly September depending on Audible, but we’ll see! I hope you enjoy the narration!


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