June 28th 2020 Update

This past week I finished editing Hives & Heroism. It’s about 102,000 words before my editor tears into it, so I’m pretty happy with the length overall. At this point it’s just a question of when it gets done, but I set the pre-order for August 10th because that’s after the latest deadline it should go to. If I can release it earlier, I will.

Hives & Heroism Pre-Order on Amazon.com

However, with this I’ve started my vacation. It’s going to last at least a week, possibly more than that. Probably, really, because there are several short stories I want to tackle, along with the Pathfinder adventure I’ve been planning. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to pull it off, but… we’ll see. I put together my first map for it on Saturday, which was rather enjoyable.

Now I just have to see if my muse will cooperate with Emonael’s short story…

2 thoughts on “June 28th 2020 Update

  1. I’ve definitely been looking forward to this book, not just the updates to the Lilith’s Shadow books (which are my favorites of your work) and I’ve now pre-orded this, hopefully enough people pre-order it to give a good first day bump in the sales charts which should help more people see it. Only question I have is do you have any plans on if/when a audiobook release may happen for it, or at least when work on it would start? Obviously this will be after it’s edited, but it would be great if it’s not too long after the text version if possible and I do plan on purchasing it as soon as it’s available.


  2. Honestly, it’s doing rather decent on pre-orders at the moment! There are a bit over 100 as of this writing, and I have no idea how many I’ll get. Many of my books end up in the ~300 range, which seems to give a good bump.

    As for the audiobook, I’ve contacted Reba Buhr, but I haven’t gotten a response yet. I suspect that if she agrees and can work on it promptly, the audiobook will be out about a month after the ebook, but I can’t give any guarantees. And just to add, I usually release a book about a week after I get it back from the editor, which doesn’t give a narrator much time. Most of the time, the process of recording an audiobook takes about a month from what I’ve seen, varying based on the book length.

    Hope that answers the question!


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