December 22 2019 Update

I finished the rough draft of Queen’s Move! It wrapped up slightly quicker than I expected, with about 99,000 words, which puts it midway between Born a Queen and Down with the Queen in length. This could get longer during the editing process, but I’m not sure where it’ll end up. I’m still waiting on the cover art for it, but once I have a cover I intend to get the pre-order up quickly.

Speaking of the cover, I got new cover art for Spells of Old from Hoang Lap as well! I commissioned this some time ago, but I like how well it turned out on the whole, and have uploaded it to replace the ebook. Paperbacks won’t be changing until I have new covers for the entire trilogy, though!

Spells of Old Cover v2 LR

This week is a holiday for me, so while I intend to do some editing, it’ll be a pretty lightweight week on the whole. I hope everyone has a wonderful week, and a good holiday if you celebrate it!

10 thoughts on “December 22 2019 Update

  1. You know, something you could do is use the last ancient dream book to make several short stories. Like one detailing how sistina and tyra developed their relationship and another one about how phynis and sistina used ancient magic to get phynis pregnant so on and so forth.


  2. Tyria and Sistina’s relationship is a possibility, though the other really isn’t, since they’re going to take the easier route with that. Plenty of priesthoods of the different deities of love can perform the ritual, and Sistina doesn’t see a need to reinvent the wheel, so they’ll just hire one to perform the ritual, and Sistina will learn it in the process.

    One of the short stories I’ve considered is the resolution of Diane and Wenris’s conflict, though. Maybe one or two shorts of Emonael’s vengeance, but I’m iffy about that one. There are definitely possibilities!


  3. I thought of something while cleaning the kitchen tonight. If you do make that cross over between Kitania and Ruethwyn I think I figured out a good way to blend them. If memory serves you said they were in the same universe. What if the evil god of corruption that Rue and company encounter is actually a Demon Lord from the Hells that Kitania and company are hunting down cause it is causing havoc? I just thought of it so please let me know if it is a big no no.😁


  4. While a neat thought, it wouldn’t fit the universe, not exactly. See, Larimos is a bit too powerful for Kitania’s universe. In single combat with, say, Anna, she’d crush Anna. Not easily, since she isn’t a true god, but she’d manage it.

    I have a general power scale worked out for the universes, and the segment Mantles of Power is part of is lower on the scale compared to the larger universe. That isn’t to say Anna and the other gods are weak, but the most powerful of them would be demigods at best in Ruethwyn’s stomping grounds, and most of them would be significantly weaker. I’m not sure how I’d work out a crossover, to be honest, but most likely it’d result from Kitania and her friends deciding to see what was outside the edge of their world, and their utter shock at how enormous everything else is.


  5. Ah okay. And is Annathiel considered a god? I thought she was just an Archangel with a rather powerful (almost boyhood level) mantle?


  6. Hehe, it happens, alas!

    So, ‘true’ gods, like the Guardian, Dowager, and even Imris, have no presence in Mantles of Power. They’re what the natives call Ephemeral Gods, and while they could grant power to people who live there, the lack of faith in them means that they don’t bother. They consider the natives of that universe (angels, demons, and mortals alike) to be largely atheist. It’s not the right term, since most of them believe in gods, but it’s the closest I can come up with right now.

    In the world of Mantles of Power, archangels, mortal gods, and demon lords are not true deities. They have the aforementioned mantles of power, and the only real difference between them is which faction the mantle belongs to. Realistically, they’re all the same type of power, and the archangel/demon lord/mortal god of war would all be roughly as powerful as one another, assuming they’ve had the mantle for the same amount of time and have similar levels of training. In their world they’re considered gods, but they really aren’t. Even if Imris is ‘only’ a demigoddess, she probably could win against a full dozen ‘deities’ from Mantles of Power.

    I mentioned a little of this in passing in the series, but I didn’t go into much depth, since the characters had no reason to know all of it.


  7. Glad it answered your question! I’ve had the idea for the mantles for years and years, in several different forms. I just finally found an outlet for it in Mantles of Power. ^_^


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