December 15th 2019 Update

Webs & Wards is edited and off to the editor, so at this point it’s time to turn my full attention to Queen’s Move! There isn’t much left to Queen’s Move, I don’t think, but I’m not entirely sure how long it’ll take to finish in total. Hopefully this week or next, but I ran into a bit of writer’s block when I worked on it a little Friday, so… I’m not entirely sure there.

Regardless, I’m anticipating a final review of the audiobooks of Crisis of Faith and Hell’s Ascendant any day now, so those should be sent to Audible for approval fairly soon. Speaking of which, I got back feedback on audiobooks, and I’ll be waiting for Sarah’s schedule to open for Queen’s Move and the following book.

However, speaking of Hell’s Ascendant, my patrons over on Patreon funded a pair of art pieces again! As per normal, the primary piece (of Blooming Orchid) is taking a little longer, but the secondary piece is of Anathiel from Hell’s Ascendant. The artist is Ayie OlaerArt (Facebook Link, as that’s what he has), and I think he did a pretty good job! I look forward to sharing the art of Blooming Orchid once I get it!

Anna Small

2 thoughts on “December 15th 2019 Update

  1. Preordered Web & Wards as soon as I saw it available, looking forward to the continuation of the story. Also looking forward to Queen’s Move, hopefully there’ll be something to help you move forward with the story this week.

    Any chance some of the short stories you have here being presented as a collection/anthology?


  2. Glad to hear you’re looking forward to the books! I’m hoping I get past the writer’s block, too… some of the scenes just aren’t gelling properly. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

    As for your question, that’s the plan in the future, but I’m trying to restrict it to stories in the same universe. Currently, between the ‘Lilith’s Shadow Interlude’ and the various parts of the ‘A Date Gone Awry’ stories, I have about 22,000 words. That’s… not much, to be perfectly blunt. A novella at best. I’m hoping to write more for Chris & Janice in the near future, but it’ll take time to get to a point where I’d be willing to bundle it for an anthology (and to get cover art, which isn’t cheap).

    Broken Chains, conversely, is essentially the opening of a novel that I want to write. I’ve got nearly 20,000 words written on it alone (12 chapters or so?) that has been languishing for a few years… but I digress. It’s not really a short story, so it wouldn’t work in an anthology.

    I’d like to do an anthology. The key is to get enough material that I wouldn’t feel like I’m cheating all of you by publishing it for even $0.99.


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