April 21st 2019 Update

First off, I’m happy with how the release of Heaven’s Fallen has gone, and even if it’s not doing the best of my books, it’s doing rather well! Everyone who purchased it, thank you very much, I deeply appreciate it, and if you’d consider leaving a review, I’d deeply appreciate it.

In further news, I should finish the final edit of Mortal Gods tomorrow, and then will be sending it to the editor, so the next book of Mantles of Power is coming along nicely! In addition, the audiobook of Heaven’s Fallen is in production, and I’m currently estimating it’ll come out in mid-June. With any luck at all, Mortal Gods will have the audio and ebook release close to the same time, but no promises there.

Now, on to other matters. The other day I was mentioning to my wife that Heaven’s Fallen was doing well, and that people were looking forward to the next book, at which point she asked me why I was working on Crisis of Faith instead of the last book of the trilogy. I… really didn’t have a good reason, aside from the fact I said I would. I’ll freely admit, I’m one of those people who decides I’m going to do something a single way, and then does it that way whether it’s a good idea or not. Her asking the question brought me up short, considering how much I’m looking forward to Hell’s Ascendant.

In other words, I’m changing plans, again. Sorry about that, all of those who’re looking forward to Crisis of Faith. The books I’m planning to write this year haven’t changed, mind you, just the order. I’m trying to get about a book ahead of whatever I’m currently releasing to help me plan, which has been a bit stressful, but in a good way.

On a slightly less pleasant subject, I’ve also been removing my ebooks (other than Touching Divinity) from stores other than Amazon this past week, and the changes are slowly rolling out. While I liked giving access to my books to a broader audience, the results since last July, when I put up Lilith’s Shadow were… poor. Extremely poor, as a matter of fact, and I’ve decided that I’ll do better by keeping all the books in Kindle Unlimited, at least for the time being. I hope this doesn’t dismay too many of you, but alas, it make the most business sense for me.

I hope everyone has a great week, and I’m going to try to get a ton of writing done!

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