April 14th 2019 Update

Heaven's Fallen Cover LR

Heaven’s Fallen is officially released tomorrow, April 15th! Or, you know, today for those of you who’re time travelers from the future. Anyway, I’m really excited for it’s launch, and hope everyone who reads it enjoys the book!

Additionally, the pre-order for Mortal Gods is live as well! While it’s up, I want to warn that the description could be viewed as spoilers, though I tried to avoid it, so view it at your own risk. I personally don’t mind minor spoilers, they just whet my appetite for a story, but I know everyone is different. Mortal Gods will be coming out on July 8th.

Third, I started writing on Crisis of Faith again! I’m up to 30,000 words, which isn’t as far as I’d hoped to get, but I had to get back into the swing of things. Of course, that’s going to get interrupted by editing Mortal Gods this week, the final edit before I send it to the editor. After that I’ll be going back to Crisis of Faith, which will be followed by finishing the Mantles of Power trilogy.

With any luck, this means I’ll have the the books out by the end of the year, and it should allow me to get back to Lilith’s Shadow by the last quarter of the year. We shall see!

Have a great week, everyone!

4 thoughts on “April 14th 2019 Update

  1. MEDRANO!!!!! WHY!!!! <.< Why do i do this to myself? I know better than to read the first book of anything you write till the second one has been out for a bit at least…but nooooo had to read the shiny new book…and NOW! Now i have to wait till JULY!!! ARRRRRRRRG

    Right now that thats out of the way. Wonderful book again if it only took me 5 hours to read…<.< never long enough nope nope :P

    Cant wait for the next one. Already have it bookmarked on Amazon!


  2. I really can’t say why, but I’m glad you enjoyed the book! This just confirmed my instinct that as soon as I finish editing Mortal Gods I need to get to work on the last book. I have the prologue, after all!


  3. As someone who “consumes” audiobooks at work, I have to ask any news on a audiobook version?

    Your previous works is amongst my favorites so far and I started a 2nd go on the ancient dreams trilogy.


  4. The audiobook of Heaven’s Fallen is in production, with Sarah Goer as the narrator. Looking at my schedule, and I must stress this is a rough estimate of the release date, it’ll likely come out around June 3rd. Audible takes 10-15 business days to approve an audiobook (except when there are glitches), and that release date assumes they only take 10. 15 business days would push it to June 10th.

    As an aside, part of why I chose to push the release of Mortal Gods back to July 8th is that I’m trying to release both the audiobook and ebook close to simultaneously, so they should come out within a week of each other. Hopefully.


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