April 28th 2019 Update

Mortal Gods is at the editor, and as soon as I get it back it’s going to the narrator to be turned into an audiobook, so it’ll be ready for the July release date easily.

I’ve also begun Hell’s Ascendant, and it’s at about 7,500 words. I’ll be honest, this one makes me nervous… the sheer scale of things is enough to make me wonder if I can pull it off, since it’s going to be even more explosive than Halls of Power. We’ll see how I pull it off, in any case! I’ve also ordered the art for it, which I’m looking forward to.

There’s not much else for me to mention, though I did see Avengers: Endgame yesterday. I won’t spoil it, promise! My opinion on it is simple. Overall it was good, though I had quibbles about the plot and a few other events, but… tying up nearly twenty other movies in three hours would be a nightmare, in my opinion. I’m glad I didn’t have that job, that’s for sure!

I hope everyone has a great week!

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