March 3rd 2019 Update

Mortal Gods is at about 90,000 words, and entering the ending phases of the book. I’m not sure how many more words it’ll be, but I’m confident it’ll break 100,000, possibly by a fair amount. I’ll find out when I get there!

Touching Divinity is scheduled on all fronts, including in audio, and as such the audiobook could come out anywhere from tomorrow to the 18th of March, depending on Audible’s schedule. It’ll likely come out close to the 11th with the ebook version, but I have no guarantees, since Audible only gives an estimate of how many days it takes to go up.

Unfortunately, the art for Heaven’s Fallen still isn’t done. I’m impatient to get the book listed on Amazon, but I don’t dare do so until I have the final artwork. First impressions matter, after all! Editing is scheduled for this month, so I can guarantee it’ll be ready for publication by the middle of April.

Finally, the Patrons on Patreon have built up enough funds that I’m going to be commissioning a portrait of a character from one of my series. They’re voting on who they’d like to see at the moment, between Irethiel, Korima, Lily, and Shadowmind. I’m curious to see who wins! As of the moment I’m writing this, Lily is in the lead, but there’re still enough possible votes for any of the characters to win.

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