March 10th, 2019 Update

Alright, I’m writing this earlier than I normally do, since I’m going to be with sporadic internet by the time it goes live. First off, Mortal Gods is up to 107,000 words, and still has a fair bit to go. I’m guessing it’ll be close to the length of Heaven’s Fallen, which has about 114,000 words, but it’s not going to be finished this week unless a miracle occurs, I’m simply too busy.

That said, today for some of you, and tomorrow for most, Touching Divinity comes out. If you want to get the free version via my mailing list, you have to sign up well before 6:00 AM (UTC-7) tomorrow, because that’s where the link will be. As I’ve said before, Touching Divinity is a short story, so don’t expect it to be enormously long.

In other news, I have the cover for Heaven’s Fallen! I’ve also put it up for pre-order, and it’s scheduled for release on April 15th! While some difficulties in his life delayed the art, I think that Nguyen Uy Vu did an excellent job, which you can see on the cover below.

Anyway, I can’t think of much more to say, so I hope that most of you enjoy Touching Divinity, and I look forward to seeing if my muse is willing to work on Crisis of Faith once I complete Mortal Gods!

Heaven's Fallen Cover LR

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