February 24th 2019 Update

Mortal Gods is up to about 75,000 words, and is coming along well. As of the time I’m writing this I haven’t gotten the cover for Heaven’s Fallen, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens while I’m asleep, since the artist is on the other side of the world from me.

In other news, I’ve scheduled Touching Divinity to come out on March 11th. You might recall that I planned on it being a free product, but I ran into a problem with that. Amazon doesn’t allow authors to set their books to be free, though they allow price-matching to drop the price to that, so I was planning to do that to get the book up for free. However, none of the other distributors I’ve looked at allow pre-orders to be free either.

Since I’m not going to have internet access the couple of days after launch, I’ve come up with an alternate solution, though it isn’t perfect. If you’re on my newsletter mailing list (Link), I’m going to send out a link to download Touching Divinity for free in my Newsletter the morning of March 11th (6:00 AM, UTC -7). I don’t mind if people sign up just long enough to get the book and then leave the mailing list, either. That link will work until March 15th, by which point I should be able to get the price changed, though it’ll be on the distributors how long it takes.

Below are the links to Touching Divinity‘s store pages, though at present they’re set to the minimum price I could select.

Anyway, if you want Touching Divinity for free, the only real option is to grab it off my newsletter or wait about a week to week and a half after it releases.

Oh, and did I mention the cover art at the top of the page? I think June Jenssen did awesome work!

2 thoughts on “February 24th 2019 Update

  1. Seeing the cover reminded me of something. Could we get some simple line art of what the slave brands look like? It doesn’t need to be professional just some concept art.


  2. Hmm, I can see what I can do, but no promises. I’m not a very good artist, and commissioning something like that would probably be a bit more expensive than I can justify. But I’ll give it a shot. I got a wacom tablet over Christmas, and still haven’t bothered trying to use it, so I may as well try.


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