February 17th 2019 Update

Mortal Gods is at just over 55,000 words, as I’ve been able to focus far more easily on it the past week. I know that Heaven’s Fallen isn’t out yet, but I’m highly confident that I’ll have a release date for Mortal Gods when it comes out. For Heaven’s Fallen, I’m currently expecting to release it on April 8th. I haven’t put up pre-orders for it due to the artist having been delayed by other work, but he told me that his deadline for it is this week.

As for the short story, Touching Divinity, I’m waiting on art for it as well. June Jenssen started the project this past week, and I expect to have it in the next two to three days. If all goes well, I hope to have it go live March 11th, with an audio version by Sarah Goer shortly to follow. Getting it edited was much easier with how short the story was.

In other news, I’ve been in higher spirits this past week, and I think it’s helped me focus on just writing more. To me, I think the important thing is to enjoy what I’m writing. With Crisis of Faith, while I don’t dislike the story, I’m just not currently inspired by it, like I am with Mortal Gods.

With any luck that will change next month. If it doesn’t, and I’ve finished Mortal Gods, I’ll start on the sequel to that, or on the next book of Lilith’s Shadow, titled Queen’s Move. Actually, that’s a bit of a fib. I have the prologue of Queen’s Move written, I’m just refusing to let myself get distracted in another project. It is on the radar, however.

Unless another story ambushes me and drags me into a back alley like Heaven’s Fallen and the rest of Mantles of Power did, of course. We shall see!

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