February 10th 2018 Update

Mortal Gods is up to a hair over 36,000 words, and after a little discussion with friends and my wife, Crisis of Faith is going to be shelved for the moment. I really want to write the book, but it just isn’t working right now, and I’m going to revisit it next month after I’ve gotten some things out of the way.

I’m still waiting on cover art for Heaven’s Fallen, so I don’t have anything to share there. However, I’ve also put together a short story called Touching Divinity which I’m intending to publish for free via Amazon and other publishers, and that should be out in March. Touching Divinity is only about 11,000 words, so it’s about 10% the length of most of my books, but I figure it’s a good example of my work.

I’m working hard to get things together, but at the moment the biggest sticking point is both art and my editor’s schedule. My books are pretty long when compared to a lot of other independent authors, which means they take larger blocks of time than most people, unfortunately, and art can’t really be rushed. In the meantime, I’m trying to keep up the momentum and get more books complete to share.

Anyway, with any luck I’ll have more to share next week! I hope everyone is doing wonderfully.

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