Heaven’s Fallen Info

So, yesterday The Obsidian Palace came out, and I’m happy with the response it’s received so far! I’m happy people seem to be enjoying it so far, but at the same time I got a question in the comments for Sunday. I was asked to give non-Patreon supporters a description of what Heaven’s Fallen was about.

That was when I realized that I hadn’t given a proper description of what Heaven’s Fallen is to anyone, let alone my Patreon supporters. Suffice to say that I feel a bit chagrined about my mistake. I should say in part that it has been a very difficult story to explain even to my wife and closest friend, which didn’t incline me to try very hard. That said, now that the first volume is done, at least in rough draft form, I feel I can give a better explanation. Below I’m going to include the description of Heaven’s Fallen (what I’ll put on the book page) and explain a little further below that.

Fallen, but not defeated.

Betrayed by those she trusted, Isalla was cast down from the heavens and into the heart of the hells. Bereft of her wings, the angel was rescued by Kanae, a demoness who challenges Isalla’s belief of what demons should be. She has little choice but to accept Kanae’s help, with as far from her homeland as she is, and slowly she begins to understand, then even admire Kanae.

Unfortunately, the forces in the shadows have not forgotten Isalla, and they are willing to target anyone close to her, no matter how highly placed they may be. As their long reach threatens to snuff out Isalla’s life, Kanae proves a stalwart ally, and willing to face any danger beside her.

It’s an immense surprise to Isalla that in the depths of the hells she can find hope, allies, and possibly even love.

That’s the basic description, but by their very nature descriptions need to be short and focused, but that doesn’t tell you everything about it. Not even close, in fact.

Heaven’s Fallen was originally conceived as something of a love story, much as many of my stories are. However, as I wrote, it grew more complex. In many ways it’s something of slice of life, as Isalla sees the wonderful and terrible landscape of the hells.

I should add, these are not normal angels or demons, but rather mortal creatures in their form. In this ‘world’, which is one where characters could conceivably travel and meet Ruethwyn, there are portals connecting three worlds, a mortal plane to the heavens above and hells below. They have individuals with immense power much like weaker deities, so they don’t believe in gods like many creatures would, instead choosing to revere their living archangels, demon kings, or mortal gods.

The story is complex, and in many ways Heaven’s Fallen barely scratches the surface of things, as a conspiracy among angels progresses outside of the scope of most of the story. That will change later, but it’s no longer simply a love story. It’s a story that could lead to love, yes… but it’s also one that could carry the seeds of changing a world that has been at war for millennia.

Heaven’s Fallen is not going to be done for some time. Optimistically, I would guess that it may release in March, though I suspect April is a better bet. Until then, I’m going to be releasing draft chapters of it on my Patreon. In fact, I’m likely to up my current rate from one chapter a month to two, or possibly three, since it’s going to come out long before I share all the chapters.

So there you have it. That’s what Heaven’s Fallen is about.

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