January 13th 2019 Update

So, The Obsidian Palace releases tomorrow (or has released in some parts of the world)! The paperback is available already Here, and you can find the ebook Here if you didn’t see it before.

I’ve also managed to complete the rough draft of Heaven’s Fallen. It’s at approximately 113,000 words, and I’ve commissioned artwork for the cover. That said, I’m going to let it settle for a little while so that I can focus on Crisis of Faith, since that’s the project I promised I’d be working on. Before Heaven’s Fallen mugged me, anyway.

I’m not going to be announcing The Obsidian Palace tomorrow, simply because I did just announce it, but I hope everyone enjoys it!

4 thoughts on “January 13th 2019 Update

  1. Certainly! Part of the problem is that the story has been convoluted, to the point I had trouble explaining it to my wife. As I recall, I didn’t give my patrons a description.

    I’ll probably work on a full description tonight and put it up in a blog tomorrow.


  2. Hi Benjamin,
    I have just finished listening to Queen of Ice, fantastic story once again, I found the ending particularly exciting and cannot wait for the next in the series which I am pleased to learn is already out THANKS 😊 do you know how long it will be until the audiobook will be released?

    Best regards,


  3. Glad you enjoyed it, and I’ll let you know in your other comment as well, but I suspect it’ll be late March at the earliest for the audiobook to be released. I know they’re currently recording it, but that’s all.


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