October 3rd 2021 Update

Soul Bound Book 2 is up to about 12,500 words, since I was taking it easy this past week, trying to get back into the groove of the characters. I’m not sure how much I’ll get done this coming week, since I have some things going on which might interfere. Still, progress! That’s about 1/8th […]

March 28th 2021 Update

So, first of all, Queen’s Gambit is up to ~52,500 words. Not sure how long it’ll be, being honest… I usually don’t know at this point, though. I’ve also written a bit on Adept of Chaos, but not a whole lot. Why? That’s going to be discussed a little below. I’m cross-posting it from my […]

September 20th 2020 Update

I completed Dusk Gate this past week, with about 99,000 words! It could grow or shrink in editing (usually books grow a little, as I clarify things), but the book is finished and with my Alpha Readers for feedback. Thus far their responses have been favorable, which I take as a good sign! With that […]

September 6th 2020 Update

I’m almost up to my usual writing speed, as Dusk Gate is just over 91,500 words! I’m not sure how much more is left at this point, but I’m giving even odds it breaks 100,000 words. It probably will, thinking about it, but I’m not making promises. My characters have surprised me too many times […]

April 5th 2020 Update

This week was better than last, which makes me hope I’m getting over my slump.¬†Queen of Diamonds is up to a little over 89,000 words, and moving along slowly but steadily. If my muse is kind to me, I might even finish it this upcoming week. Speaking of the series, though, here’s the main picture […]