September 6th 2020 Update

I’m almost up to my usual writing speed, as Dusk Gate is just over 91,500 words! I’m not sure how much more is left at this point, but I’m giving even odds it breaks 100,000 words. It probably will, thinking about it, but I’m not making promises. My characters have surprised me too many times as it is. I also don’t have a release date, as I’m trying to figure out editing. My usual editor is currently scheduling for January and beyond, so I’m looking at another editor and debating.

On the other hand, my Patrons over on Patreon funded a couple of art pieces, like I mentioned last week! The first piece by Crystal Rain arrived this past week, so I’d like to share Spark with you! No, it isn’t the painting Gina made, but I like it!

4 thoughts on “September 6th 2020 Update

  1. I also like the artwork. There are times when I despair of artists for sci-fi/fantasy works – it’s either blatantly improbable or nigh unto (and sometimes well past) stripper gear. I’m looking forward to Dusk Gate whenever you can get an editor to look at it and get you constructive feedback. Btw, did you ever finally get your desk? Or did the second one also suffer the vagaries of the transportation system?


  2. I knew that I forgot to comment on something in the blog post! Yes, I got my desk, and I think it’s helping a fair amount. Despite being the same size as my old one, it feels smaller, which I suspect is the result rearranging things to sit in front of me a little better.

    As for the art, I took some time to find art of close-fitting suits that I felt fit Spark. The best examples I found were Starcraft’s Ghosts, ironically enough, but I found a couple of others as well. I’ll be honest, I *like* a lot of the skimpier bodysuits, but only when it fits the characters and circumstances, like when it has to fit under a suit of power armor.


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