January 20th 2019 Update

So, this week I started editing Heaven’s Fallen and writing Crisis of Faith. I don’t have much written on Crisis of Faith yet, only about 5,000 words, but it’s a start. The story was astoundingly easy to slip into, which is good. I debated on waiting on Heaven’s Fallen, but I really would like to finish it up for when I get an editor for it.

That does mean there isn’t a lot to say at the moment. I’m waiting on responses from editors, on art, and trying to get everything ready. As I said last week, I fully expect not to have Heaven’s Fallen published until March or April, despite how far along it is.

I’m really looking forward to writing Crisis of Faith as well, though! Sistina is being her usual, odd self, and her taking a back seat for the story is quite deliberate on her part. I don’t know that other people will agree with her reasoning, mind you, but she’s content with it. I expect the primary lead character to be Diamond for the story, though that could change.

Anyway, that’s enough for today! Hopefully I’ll have a lot more work done by next Sunday!

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