August 5th 2018 Update

So, with The Avatar’s Flames just over 2 weeks out, I’ve been working on the second book of the trilogy, Queen of Ice. It’s up to 15,000 words, or call it 15% of the way complete at a guess. I’d say I’m skeptical of it getting to that length, but I’ve learned that I’m terrible at figuring out exactly how long the content I have will be, so who knows. I could end up with a 80,000 word novel, or a 120,000 word one. We’ll see what it looks like when I finish it. I’m only sending out a handful of ARCs for The Avatar’s Flames on the morrow, due to lack of sign-ups, but it’ll be interesting to hear what people think.

This past week was kind of unpleasant, I’ll admit. It seemed like everything which could go wrong did, but there was one particular bright note! I’ve deeply enjoyed a series by Drew Hayes, called Fred the Vampire. Following the bumbling adventures of Fred, the Vampire Accountant, each volume is a series of shorter stories, usually about ten chapters long apiece but still connected. I very much enjoy the books, and the most recent book is named Deadly Assessments. Be aware, it’s more of humor than serious material, but I enjoy it quite a bit.

Now, some of you may recall that I mentioned trying to work on a secondary project at the same time as my current ones. That… never happened. The project I was going to work on fizzled and never got off the ground, to my personal frustration. It was part of the reason I never announced one.

However, this past week a different story idea blindsided me, and I’ve been working on it concurrently with Queen of Ice. Just to be clear, I only work on the secondary project after I’ve run out of steam with QoI for the day, so it’s truly secondary, but it’s coming along alright so far. I don’t know if it’s going to be worth publishing, or if I’ll complete it. I’m also going to keep my mouth shut about it in public since I am unsure of its ultimate fate. But hopefully I can keep up the pace, and it might allow me to work on multiple books at the same time in the future. Only time will tell.

Anyway, that’s it for this week. I hope to have good news next week as well!

5 thoughts on “August 5th 2018 Update

  1. You would also like the npc series by Drew. It’s about a group of NPC’s forced to pretend to be players in a D&D/Pathfinder style game.


  2. I read the first book, actually! It was alright, but I wasn’t quite as fond of the major characters as I ended up being of those in Fred’s stories, so I haven’t picked up any further books. I believe there’s one more, at least.


  3. Hi Benjamin,
    I have just received my copy of the ARC addition of The Avatar’s Flames, I just thought I would say thank you for including me.

    It’s 4:20am and I need to be getting up at a reasonable hour so I thought I better stop at the beginning of chapter 3, really enjoying your book so far, I can’t wait till I have more time to read it, shame we have to sleep lol.

    Best regards,

    Sent from my iPad


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