August 12th 2018 Update

There’s a week and a day to the release of The Avatar’s Flames. I’m nervous, but that’s how it goes. The first ARC reviews have started going up, and they’re helping relieve some of my nervousness.

Queen of Ice is up to about 28,000 words, so likely a bit over 25% of the way done. I’ve scheduled editing for it, so at this point the die is cast, and I intend to schedule to release on November 12th. I’d aim sooner, but my editor’s schedule was pretty packed when I went to do so. I went ahead and scheduled time for The Obsidian Palace at the same time, so I’m expecting it to come out in mid-January.

Yes, I’m still working on my Super-Secret-Project. It hasn’t died yet, which is promising, but that doesn’t mean that it’ll survive my critique in the end. If it survives to reach 50,000 words, I’ll talk about it in more detail.

There isn’t much else to talk about at the moment, I’m afraid. I’ve been working on a lot of small projects, but they’re not terribly exciting for the most part, so that’s it for this week!

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