July 8th Update

The first draft of The Avatar’s Flames is complete, at just over 102,000 words, and is currently being read by my Alpha Readers. Feedback has been generally favorable thus far, so that’s good! I do not have a release date just yet, but I very well might by next Sunday… which incidentally happens to be the release date of the Ancient Dreams Omnibus on Amazon. No, I didn’t plan on it, it just happened to work out that way.

I’ve expanded the distribution options of my paperbacks, which allows them to be sold in a larger range of stores, but this past week they became available on Barnes & Noble. If anyone with an account there would be willing to review the books I’d appreciate it, but I’m not going to ask any more than that. I’m looking forward to getting Born a Queen and Down with the Queen up on other storefronts, but that can’t happen until after the 17th.

I also have another piece of art I’ve commissioned which should be out soon, so I’m hoping to share it soon, as the artist was working on the later stages of the piece this past week. It isn’t for any of the current stories I’ve got in the works, but rather for the story Broken Chains that I shared via my newsletter last year. Once I have it, I intend to share the short story on my website, or possibly as a free download. I’ll figure it out at that point.

Other things are in the works as well, some of which I’m not talking about until I know they’re going to happen. I look forward to sharing, though!

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