July 1st 2018 Update

Alas, I did not finish the rough draft of The Avatar’s Flames this past week. The document is a bit over 91,000 words, and I’m estimating it’ll take about two to four more chapters to complete, so finishing it this week is very likely. Regardless, I want to point out this won’t make it come out earlier, as the editor can’t get to it until mid-August. The sooner I get it done, though, the sooner I can get started on the next book.

If you’re wondering why I haven’t said much on the Ancient Dreams Omnibus, it’s because I’m waiting on the editor in regards to it as well. I’m still anticipating it coming out on the 15th, but there’s not much else for me to say on that end.

Life has certainly been more interesting of late, but I’m trucking along. I hope everyone has a great week!

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