July 15th, 2018 Update

Today the Ancient Dreams Omnibus was released! Perhaps it isn’t as exciting as a new release, but I’m glad to see it out, as it reduces my distractions. I’ve got a bunch more news for this week as well, so I’d best get to it.

First off, The Avatar’s Flames was generally well-received by my Alpha Readers, and after incorporating feedback from them, I’ve started on my next edit. I’ve also set up the pre-order for August 20th, so it should be out on that date. I will note that Amazon is being slow to put up the pre-order, so as of this writing it isn’t available to link. I intend to fix this as soon as they get around to putting it up, but that could end up taking another day or so. I’m also in discussions to get audiobooks of the series made, but that may not go anywhere and I may end up hiring a narrator again. We shall see.

Now, you may also remember that I was going to put up Born a Queen and Down with the Queen on other sites this month. I couldn’t do that until they were out of Kindle Unlimited, and while DwtQ came out on the 26th of June, BaQ doesn’t come out until July 17th. To be sure things don’t go haywire, I’ve been waiting until they come out of Kindle Unlimited to be safe. So, I’m going to be putting them up via Kobo, Nook, Smashwords, iBooks (soon to be Apple Books?), Google Play, and a few other sites I can’t remember off-hand around the 19th, though much depends on how quickly they put them up for sale. I intend to link some of the sites at that point, though an official announcement will likely wait until next Sunday.

Not much else has been going on for me, other than writing. I’m trying to be more productive, but the summer’s heat doesn’t make that incredibly easy. I’ve been having some vague ideas of additional books in Ancient Dreams percolating as well… primarily regarding Tyria’s church, but another set about, oh… 50 years after the events of the trilogy or so. We’ll see what my mind is in the mood for after I finish the three books of Through the Fire, though. I have Lilith and company to write about as well, after all!

2 thoughts on “July 15th, 2018 Update

  1. decided that the omnibus was a good excuse to reread the ancient dreams books again. Cant wait to see the expanded scenes. FYI… the title page has your name as BENJAMIN BENJAMIN, which i find amusing but i think is an error XD.


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