January 14th, 2018 Update

This past week I sent the edited copy of Marin’s Codex to the editor, and I’m expecting it back tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest. After reviewing it I’ll be uploading it for the release on the 22nd, as planned. I also sent out the book to a handful of ARC readers, and you can see a couple of reviews are live so far on the Amazon page. They’ve been positive so far, which makes me hopeful.

I also sat down and plotted out further books in the Lilith’s Shadow series this past week, in part so I could order artwork for the sequel. I have one book for absolute certain in the series for this year, and I’ve got a second that I’ll probably write, but many of the events depend on how Down with the Queen develops in its writing. Still, with it done, I considered heavily before contacting an artist who I particularly like to commission artwork for Down with the Queen. However, as I want the artwork to be consistent across the series, I decided that I needed to commission a new cover from her for Born a Queen, and I did so. I’m not going to publicize her name until the project is complete, but I have high hopes for the art on the whole.

I fully expect to start writing Down with the Queen before Marin’s Codex goes live, and hope to have it live sometime this spring. I can’t guarantee my muse will cooperate, but I’m hopeful.

That’s it from me for today!

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