Timelines, Maps, and Future Plans

So, it’s been a while since I did a mid-week update. In fact, I don’t dare check how long it might have been… months at least. Anyway, with Marin’s Codex coming out next Monday, I thought it would be good to put up a rough timeline of when things occurred in the Ancient Dreams setting, so I did so Here. It isn’t anything too fancy, and there are minor spoilers in it, so be warned if you haven’t read the books.

I still need to get an updated map for Ancient Dreams put together, as I’ve learned that commissioning them is expensive, much like artwork is. Maps I can do, when I have the inspiration, where with art I can’t. I’m going to keep poking at the maps… one day I’ll even manage to get one finished!

Now, onward to other things! I’ve been pondering story ideas for after Sisters of Radiance, because it never really stops with me, and I’ve debated quite a bit. A part of me wants to explore a LitRPG story of sorts (more in the vein of another world with game-like elements), while another part of me wants to do a science fiction story set on a water-based world, and yet another about a space pirate (lesbian space pirates is a thing, from what I’ve heard). I’ve got about 10 pages science fiction and fantasy story seeds, and have been debating what else to do.

I’m not settling on any of them yet, not when my current schedule will likely take me through most of 2019 as it stands. In many ways I feel that scheduling things out so far may impact my creativity somewhat, and if it weren’t for the fact I want to write Through the Fire and Sisters of Radiance so much, I might be tempted to change up the schedule. I still might in the end, but not unless another story is absolutely dying to get out there… like with Marin’s Codex. We’ll see where things go, and I do listen to emails or comments on the subject. I may not always agree, but I do listen!

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