September 17th Update

Last night I sent Born a Queen off to the editor, so it’s away! I’m not sure how quickly it’ll get back to me, but unlike prior books, I’m not going to move up the release date a ton. Anticipate that it’ll be out around October 21st, and you’ll be pretty close to right. And I’ll also add that this is at least partially because I first started writing Ancient Ruins on October 22nd of 2016, so I’m going for a bit of symmetry to the release. It floors me that I released the entire Ancient Dreams trilogy in less than a year, plus a book.

I also got the preliminary audio files for Halls of Power back to be reviewed, and hope to have any corrections back to the producer by Wednesday. If things go well (a major if, given my troubles with Audible last time), we’ll likely see the audiobook sometime in October. I’ve been working on arranging an audiobook for Born a Queen as well, and hope to have some sample audio files to review in the coming week, though work can’t begin on that until I get Born a Queen back from the editor.

Now, with all of that on the table, I’m planning to start sharing the opening chapters of Born a Queen via my newsletter starting tomorrow. I anticipate releasing the first 3 chapters by the launch of the book, as a new version of the Prologue is now on this site, and a slightly older version is in the back of Halls of Power.

With that in mind, I should also add that I have the ‘extended ending’ of Halls of Power written, at least in its first draft (I changed it from ‘extended epilogue’ because it was the last chapter that got changed, not the epilogue at all). I’m mulling over what might need to be changed or added, and will likely be running it by a few people before getting it edited. I also wrote the opening prologue of Marin’s Codex this past week… and I’m beginning to think I have issues with either getting nothing done, or everything at once. I’m making progress, though!

I hope everyone is doing well, and feel free to ask me anything you like. Oh, and I’ll be opening up the Discord channel later this week, as I obviously left it too empty before.

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