An Irrepressible Imagination

So, I actually was trying to take a short vacation from writing or editing. Born a Queen is at the editor, and I hired a proof-listener to go through Halls of Power to find errors, as I found that I really don’t enjoy going over the manuscript at the same time as the text. I figured that it was a good chance to take a break and try not to let myself push too hard.

Oh, what a mistake that was.

By the end of Monday, I was irritable and frustrated. I couldn’t focus on any of my games, none of the books I read the samples of were what I wanted, and I was otherwise frustrated. I made do by creating a character for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game, which may or may not be used. If I do, my amnesiac elven combat medic may be fun to play, especially once she gets her plasma cannon.

Yesterday my imagination had had enough, and boiled over. First I decided to use the rules of the Pathfinder RPG to create a whole pile of monsters, one a day for the next month that’ll include the creatures from Sistina’s Dungeon. I started with the thorn shambler. But that didn’t sate my imagination, and the little lady in the back of my mind was whispering new ideas in my head. I tried to walk it off, and it didn’t work. So I broke down and started writing when I got home.

I had a bit over 2,500 words when I went to bed. Fortunately, it looks like this story will only be about 10,000 words, maybe a bit more, which I should be able to finish in a week or so. Unfortunately, it came out of nowhere and walloped me over the head, and isn’t clearly linked to any of my other fantasy settings. It might be able to fit in the Ancient Dreams setting… maybe. So anyway, I have a new story I’m working on. I dearly hope it doesn’t distract me for too much longer.

In other news, I’m opening up my Discord channel for the foreseeable future. For those that don’t know, this is a free chat program similar to Skype, but made for gaming and the like. I don’t use the voice channels, however, just text. I’m there most days, though I tend not to say much unless other people are active.

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