September 24th Update

Right, so as I said last week, Born a Queen is off at the editor. That means that I’m going to start getting together ARC readers via my newsletter soon to review the book. I will warn that I keep the team small, though, so it wouldn’t be a guarantee to get a copy.

I mentioned on Wednesday that I had a story come out of nowhere and prompt me to write it. Well, it’s done. Only a bit over 6,000 words (~24 pages, give or take), and it isn’t really a full story. The characters could prompt a full novel at some point. When I have time, I intend to get it edited and release the 4 chapters it’s split into via my newsletter. Oh, the story is currently named Broken Chains, and is a fantasy story set in the world that Through the Fire and Sisters of Radiance are set in.

I’m waiting on corrections to the audiobook of Halls of Power now, which were few in number compared to the last couple of books. Currently nearly 15 hours long, I’m amazed at how much effort the producer and narrator have put into the project. I still don’t have a release date, unfortunately, but I’ll let you know when I do.

Finally, I’ve gotten a little more work done on Marin’s Codex, and while waiting for the editor, I’m going to continue on that. This will expand on the lore of the world of Ancient Dreams significantly, I believe, so I look forward to getting the story out there.

I hope everyone is doing well, though! I wish I had more to say, but I’ve pretty much run dry of what I can tell you for the moment!

2 thoughts on “September 24th Update

  1. Don’t really know whether it’s of any particular interest, but just read Skyler Grant’s Laboratory. Reminded me a lot of Ancient Dreams, except for scifi instead of fantasy, and the villains and heroes basically rolled into one … well, so maybe not really anything like it, but I guess it’s a dungeon-esque story, too (more LitRPG-esque, also. Hmm. The more I think about it the less similar it gets… ^^).


  2. Hehe. Sometimes it’s little things that remind people of other stories. I don’t even want to think about how sometimes a tiny, innocent comment in a story sets me off on a series of recollections of a dozen other stories. The brain is a funny thing… when it works.


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