September 10th Update

So, I mentioned that I started on the second round of edits to Born a Queen. I’m currently a little less than halfway through the story, reading it aloud to spot more errors. The length hasn’t been impacted much as of yet, so things are looking good.

I’m also looking at different audiobook narrators for Born a Queen, trying to find one that I feel will fit the story most. I’m not sure how close to launch it’ll come, mind. Still, everything is coming along well.

In all honesty, I don’t have much else to talk about on the subject, so I’ll share the final major heroine of Born a Queen.

Rachel Moore

Superhero Identity: Morgan Le Fay

Description: Rachel is a petite woman who stands about five foot nine inches in height (~175 cm), and has an olive skin tone and deep blue eyes. She looks relatively frail beside many heroes, and tends to wear slightly ornate jewelry and outfits, favoring crimson and black.

Powers: Rachel is a spellcaster with a somewhat broader range of spells than other casters, though this is in part due to preparation on her part. She wears a great deal of jewelry into which she’s formed the framework of various spells, allowing her to use them to cast a broad range of utility spells, along with combat and flight. Her powers in any particular area are weaker than most other magi, but she makes up for it with a breadth of abilities and a specialty in attack spells, though concentrating for long enough to use them is difficult. As a superhuman, her body is boosted like Gina’s, and while weaker than her friend, Rachel is about equal to skilled amateur athletes.

Background: Rachel was born and raised in Oakland, and as such is quite familiar with the region. Coming from a relatively normal, mundane home, her religious mother all but adopted Gina when the two became friends, and despite misgivings about the nature of Rachel’s powers, she remains close with her daughter.

Little of Rachel’s childhood is of particular note, but she and Gina were thick as thieves in college, and prone to playing pranks on their fellow students, pranks which grew more outlandish as their powers grew as well. One of the few modern graduates in the new field of Metaphysics, in her civilian life Rachel has become a teacher at UC Berkley, a position that is only solidified by her magical powers, which generally place her as a Class A superhuman. She, like Gina, is a member of the team Ocean Shield, and spends a good deal of time protecting the city.

2 thoughts on “September 10th Update

  1. I’m afraid they don’t support pre-orders on audiobooks via any method I’m able to use. However, I can tell you that I just got the audio today, and that means we’ll probably see the audiobook sometime in October.


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