BaQ Progress!

So, yesterday I got feedback from the last of my Alpha Reader team on Born a Queen, and today I’m starting my second round of work on the book. There are a few things to tweak, but to my relief they didn’t find any horribly warped monstrosities within that I needed to nuke from orbit.

I’ll admit I’ve been playing Starcraft: Remastered lately, so nukes are on the brain. Anyway…

At the moment Born a Queen is about 93,500 words. Ignoring the front-matter, the Foreword, the Author’s Note, and the world’s history, call it closer to 92,000. I expect it to climb somewhat in my edit, though I may find sentences that need to be cut down to size as well. For those of you wondering how long of a book that is, I don’t have exact numbers, not until much later, but we’re looking at about 300-350 pages. Probably toward the upper end of that number.

I also realized that I forgot to put up a profile for another character of Born a Queen on Sunday, so I’m going to do that.

Gina Fairmont

Superhero Identity: Warden, member of Ocean Shield

Description: Gina is about five feet eight inches in height (~173 cm) and fairly curvaceous and solidly built. While not incredibly muscular, she maintains a fit figure, and has a pretty face, bright blue eyes, and golden-blonde hair down to just past her shoulders. She tends to wear slightly fancier clothing, preferring blues that match her eyes.

Powers: Gina is a spellcaster, and like most other super-magi, she has a particular set of talents that focus her powers into a relatively narrow field, generally shields and wards. While she can make attacks, she primarily can defend against attacks, and possesses possibly the strongest magical defenses of all spellcasters in the United States. She is also capable of flight and invisibility, as well as a variety of other effects to a limited degree. As a superhuman, her body is physically boosted to a minor degree, equaling most Olympic athletes.

Background: Gina was born and raised in the area around San Francisco, moving from one of the suburbs to another over the years. When she was six her mother left her father, and her father gained custody. She grew up near the home of Rachel Moore, and the two became friends after Rachel’s mother decided that she needed help. The two went to the same schools, and were fast friends over the years. Such was their bond that both of them awakened their magic at the same time on their 13th birthday.

Much of Gina’s life was relatively unassuming, though she apprenticed under the same mage as Rachel to learn to control her powers. When she took the tests to become a heroine, her overall strength put her at Class A, not the most powerful of heroes, but far above the vast majority of others. In her mundane life she chose to take up the career of a freelance artist, while she eventually joined the largest team in San Francisco, Ocean Shield, where she’s worked through most of her twenties.

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