A Question, and Random Musings

So, I’m looking at setting up a mailing list. The author’s I’ve been talking to highly recommend it, so I’ll be doing so in the near future. However, a question came up in my mind, mostly for those who might sign up for them. Assuming I sent out an email every other week or so, what would you like to see in a mailing list?

Obviously I’d inform people when a book went up for pre-order or was released. I expect that’s simply normal. The question is what else people would like to see. I might occasionally draw beta readers from the list, or give access to short stories on my website. I could let you know about promotions I might be giving out, the rare conventions I’m going to, or even put up sample chapters of my books before release. Heck, I may even ask people which series of several options they’d like me to work on next! But I don’t know that that’s what people would like to see. That’s why I’m asking here.

Now, as to other things! I’m looking at different artists, and considering getting pictures made of different characters. Are there any particular characters people would like to see portraits of? I’m not guaranteeing that I’ll do them, as good artwork isn’t cheap, but it’s something I’m looking at.

Additionally, I started writing several short stories for my superhuman universe (it doesn’t have a name yet), as did a couple of friends. I’m hoping/planning to publish them as an anthology. Only one is complete, A Date Gone Awry, which I believe I’ve mentioned before. They’re kind of teasers for the universe of one of my other stories which is complete (but needs several chapters rewritten), Born a Queen. I should put up the prologue to that in my Other Titles section…anyway, yeah. Just a bit of notes there.

Finally, I’ve been dabbling in Diablo III and Total War: Warhammer since yesterday. I’ll let everyone know when I’ve started on the second editing pass!

3 thoughts on “A Question, and Random Musings

  1. The things I’ve signed up for mailing lists for, from authors, are mostly short stories (like 2-5 pages) and they occasionally had the first chapter or two of a book. Once a month is probably as much frequency as you really want to commit to since that may be enough time to get something together and/or have significant news and if someone wants to see the day-to-day I imagine that’s what this blog is for. It’s also an email list, so I’m not sure how much interaction you want to try from that. If you’re asking questions or doing polls it seems to me that’s easier to do those on the blog where there’s a comment system already in place.

    I’d suggest making something you send out with the list “exclusive” if you really want people to sign up for it. Like if you want to put one of those superhero universe short stories on there or other stories set in the Ancient Ruins universe (I’m thinking like Will Wight does, offhand) and bundle them up into an anthology if/when you have enough of them. It’s a bit of an ask for someone to give you their email and permission to send stuff into it, so having some carrots probably helps.


  2. A good point. Honestly, sharing the short stories and occasional chapters does seem like the best bet at the moment…but I’m still trying to figure out how this whole author-thing works. I’m also trying not to just jump into things without thinking.


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