Draft Completed

I just finished the first draft of Spells of Old. Over the last three days I produced nearly 14,000 words, to give the first draft just over 119,000 words. Honestly, I’ve got the shakes at the moment, because I just got sucked in. There are so many points I’m not entirely happy with, but…but it’s done for now. I’m going to take a couple of days off, and once my first readers are done, I’m going in and fixing it. This is insane to me. But I’m done for now.

In Halls of Power I get to resolve everything at last. All the dangling plot threads of the primary storyline are going to get brought together and come to an end. Thing have changed so much from my original outline, but I look forward to it in some ways.

Edit: One of them is 90% of the way through (yay, Joe the cleric!), and has found relatively few errors, and also has pointed out a few abrupt endings to chapters that need to be solved. I may need to add a chapter or two, interspersed among the others so that it doesn’t feel like I’m abandoning some interpersonal issues, but that’s a different question.

8 thoughts on “Draft Completed

  1. Thank you. It was fast, I think in part because I knew approximately what I wanted to get done, and simply did it. I’m a bit concerned that it’s largely setup for the final book, but waiting to hear feedback first.


  2. Honestly, a lot of it depends on how quickly my friends (and wife) get through the book.

    …I really need to calm down. I want to get this out sooner, but I’m excited to see how it does. >_<


  3. Psst, you got any of that snippet stuff? *scratches at arm* You know, the good stuff, the ol’ eye drug. Come on man, I need me a hit.


  4. Hmm… *debates*

    I’m not going to give all of the prologue. I will put up the first section in a new snippets page and post a blog about it. Anything further will be released via my mailing list, once I get it up and running.


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