September 25th 2022 Update

Talyn: Descent is up to ~87,500 words, and I think there’s good odds that I’ll get about the same amount done this coming week. I’m guessing I’ll finish the rough draft in two weeks, but that depends in part on how the plot proceeds. If it takes longer than I expected, then it’s possible that […]

Mistress of Chaos Released

Mistress of Chaos is now out! This took a lot longer to get out than I expected, likely partially because of other books going long. I’m really happy with how things came together, and I’m going to endeavor not to leave you waiting too long for the follow up. I hope you all enjoy it! […]

March 13th 2022 Update

Phoenix Ascendant is up to about 127,500 words! If the rest of it goes like I expect it to, I may finish it this week, which makes me rather happy. Hopefully I manage it, but we shall see! That still leaves a lot of editing, but that’s not as important as finishing the first draft. […]

March 6th 2022 Update

Phoenix Ascendant is up to about 115,000 words, and it’s coming along well. I didn’t get writing in one day this past week for a variety of reasons, but even so I think that it’s doing well. I doubt I’ll finish the rough draft this week, but it’s theoretically possible. I’m heading into the end […]

August 6th Update

So, not too many things to update about here. On Friday¬†Halls of Power goes live, so I hope people enjoy it! I’ve also been editing¬†Born a Queen, but after the past week, I’ve grown dissatisfied with how it looked just edited, so yesterday I started over with the Prologue, and literally re-wrote every paragraph. This […]