Mistress of Chaos Released

Mistress of Chaos is now out! This took a lot longer to get out than I expected, likely partially because of other books going long. I’m really happy with how things came together, and I’m going to endeavor not to leave you waiting too long for the follow up. I hope you all enjoy it!

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Also, if you’re willing to leave a review, I’d deeply appreciate it. They really help indies like myself!

4 thoughts on “Mistress of Chaos Released

  1. I started reading at about 9:40 PM PDT yesterday and finished at about 1:44 AM this morning. Very enjoyable, and I’m looking forward to the next phase of the journey. I’m going to re-read the story so I can give a better review (devouring the whole thing in one sitting might have been excessive).

    Be sure to get a good rest and I know you’re working on Talyn’s further adventures. Hopefully she won’t be as cranky as Evelyn was.


  2. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’ll admit, there was part of me that feared it might be a bit too much of a transitional book. I hope you get some rest, though!

    As for Talyn, so far she’s been more cooperative. We’ll see how things go after that! Honestly, it was Xandra who really through a wrench in the works…


  3. That was quite a lot of fun. I’m glad Evelyn both got to fight a peer level, going pretty all out, and an actual vacation! Without anything crazy happening this time!! ;) And I laughed so hard at “a toddler throwing the powers of creation at the wall to see what sticks” line. Excited for the reveal about the next goal. I’ve got a theory or two, will be interesting to see how close I am.


  4. I’m happy you enjoyed it! I had a lot of fun with the duel. Early readers also very much enjoyed Ceeana… I believe the term ‘history’s greatest monster, she gave Evelyn HOMEWORK’ was used at one point.

    As for the reveal, hopefully it satisfies when it comes! I intend to write the next book immediately after Talyn: Descent.

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