August 21st 2022 Update

Surprise! Mistress of Chaos is coming out tomorrow, rather than in September! My editor got it back to me more than a week early, so I wrapped thing up in time to release it tomorrow. I’m really happy with that, so… woohoo! I hope you all enjoy it.

In slightly different news, after soliciting feedback from Patrons and the like, I will not be putting out a paperback or hardcover of Mistress of Chaos for a few weeks, as I’m going to be replacing the cover with art by the artist of the original two covers. Just so you all know why it won’t show up for a little while!

Now, I haven’t exactly been sitting on my hands, either. I’ve already started on the next book in the Talyn series, currently titled Talyn: Descent, and I’m up to about 12,500 words. I’m pleased with how it’s moving along, and hope to have it out relatively quickly. We’ll see, because plans could always get derailed. I do have a vacation in October that might slow things down, for instance. In any case, I’m doing my best! I hope everyone is doing well.

2 thoughts on “August 21st 2022 Update

  1. A Surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

    Can’t wait to read more of Evelyn’s adventures and thankyou for all your hard work as usual.


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