August 6th Update

So, not too many things to update about here. On Friday Halls of Power goes live, so I hope people enjoy it! I’ve also been editing Born a Queen, but after the past week, I’ve grown dissatisfied with how it looked just edited, so yesterday I started over with the Prologue, and literally re-wrote every paragraph. This is much faster than writing the book from scratch, but it means that the 9 chapters I’d already edited need to be re-done.

That being said, I put Born a Queen up for pre-order on Wednesday, all sneaky-like, and people noticed and began pre-ordering it anyway. It was set for October 29th, because that was literally as far out as I could set up Pre-orders for the book. I’m hoping to move it forward from there, but I dare not promise anything. That being said, the re-written prologue of Born a Queen has been looked over by several people, and while not utterly finalized, it’s in good enough shape that I’m going to put the preview in the back of Halls of Power for this Friday.

Here’s to hoping everyone enjoys the books!

11 thoughts on “August 6th Update

  1. *happy*

    I’ve been re-reading Ancient Ruins and Spells of Old and I’m hyped! So you better deliver on that hype or… or… I’ll be sad.

    …I’m not good at threats.


  2. I’ve been incredibly terrified that the story would fall flat at the end. Fortunately, so far no one has thought it’s done that, so I’m hopeful that you like it. ^^


  3. Quite a lot of positive reviews already out there, doesn’t seem like you need to worry much ;)


  4. Lol cant wait. A bit hesitant about tyreal tho. The chapters with the priestess getting kidnapped and branded goddess being taken diane being taken and cha ged irritated me. Only because thise actions stroke my inner moral outrage at the acts commited. (Doesnt mean i disliked the book) just like harry potter i love the books but the author really made me hate delorus umbridge.


  5. I can understand that. I’ll freely admit I have a bit of a fascination with the idea of corruption and how such things are dealt with, which isn’t something everyone is comfortable with. In many ways, Ancient Ruins gathered together some of the strangest, most troubling ideas in a single place, which I freely admit has probably cost me a fair number of readers. Of my current plans, only Sisters of Radiance may be even worse in a handful of ways… but we’ll see what happens. A lot changes in a couple of years, and I’m not sure how I’ll end up changing those stories.


  6. Amazon won’t let me post my ARC review until the book is live, so I will put it up Friday after I get home from work. I did have some questions about how everything worked in the final scenes, but I was generally very happy with the resolution.


  7. If you follow the link in my original ‘ARC Explanation’ email, it’ll let you post a review early. I finagled the system slightly, with the help/advice of another author. ^_^


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