March 6th 2022 Update

Phoenix Ascendant is up to about 115,000 words, and it’s coming along well. I didn’t get writing in one day this past week for a variety of reasons, but even so I think that it’s doing well. I doubt I’ll finish the rough draft this week, but it’s theoretically possible. I’m heading into the end stages of the story, which sometimes just come out in an incredible rush, and other times don’t. So… we’ll see! I expect it to be more than 130,000 words, though, so it’ll probably go into next week.

Other than that, things are relatively calm for me. Life is moseying along quietly, and I’m trying to work through my current inspiration issues. Hopefully things will look up once Phoenix Ascendant is out. I also have a few art pieces in progress, including a different cover for Talyn: Rebirth that I think will look amazing. Anyway, that’s it for the update! I hope you all are safe!

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