July 22 2018 Update

I’ve finished the second full edit of The Avatar’s Flames, and now I’m just waiting for the editor’s scheduled opening. I think the book turned out well overall, now I just need to see if everyone else agrees! This coming week, I intend to first finish the short story set in Lilith’s Shadow that I started last […]

July 8th Update

The first draft of The Avatar’s Flames is complete, at just over 102,000 words, and is currently being read by my Alpha Readers. Feedback has been generally favorable thus far, so that’s good! I do not have a release date just yet, but I very well might by next Sunday… which incidentally happens to be the […]

Back with Art

I was going to say this in a different order, but decided against it. I returned from the convention yesterday, and while I did enjoy my vacation, in some ways it was exhausting (and a bad mattress did not help). While there I met an artist, Taylor Fischer, who I commissioned to sketch a character that’s been […]

The Thorned Wood

So, last week I explained something about the elves of Senkar, and in the process I told everyone about the Illisyr, or the dark elves, and how they were exiled into the Thorned Wood. I’m suddenly reminded of how another author I’ve known said ‘If I’m taking you to my cottage in the forest, it’ll […]

Elves in Senkar

As I’ve said in many, many places, I adore elves. If I could be reincarnated as an elf, I’d be happy as a clam. That failing, I write about them, and I make no apologies about it. Thus, I’d be sorely remiss if I didn’t address them in Senkar and thus for Through the Fire. The […]

Mid-Week Madness

Is it only Wednesday? Yeesh. So, today I anticipate reaching about the halfway point through the Ancient Dreams document. It’s enormous, but I’m just getting to the points I think need the most expansions on, so I suspect I’ll be slowing down when I hit them. My days have been further complicated by contractors, heating problems, random […]

Musings on Future Series

So, as I edit Ancient Dreams and see some commentary on Down with the Queen, I’ve thought about my project list… and have been forced to sigh in some frustration. See, one of my biggest problems is that I have too many ideas I want to write. I find coming up with the setting for a story easy, […]