How I Self Publish

Just the other day, I was asked how the publishing process works. It’s an excellent question, but not one that’s suited to a simple reply in a comment. There’s a lot that goes on with publishing, even ignoring editing and the writing of a book! I’m going to go over how I do it below. […]

Losing a Pet

Yesterday stands out as one of the worst days in my life. My wife and I thought that we were finally going to get answers as to why my cat, Baloo, wasn’t doing well. We did… and the results were heartbreaking. I can hardly believe that he was as active and affectionate as he was, […]

July 21st 2019 Update

Alright, Hell’s Ascendant is off to the editor and I’m trying to take a vacation, though I give decent odds I abandon it and start writing again anyway before the two weeks is up. Heck, I’m already a little stir-crazy, so who knows? Either way, the book is going to be ready in plenty of time, which […]

July 14th 2019 Update

This past week has been a bit hectic, between the release of Mortal Gods, recovering from the convention, and getting together the last pieces of feedback on Hell’s Ascendant. Speaking of Hell’s Ascendant, I’m currently working on the final edit before sending it to my editor, and I’m about halfway through the manuscript. I’m quite confident I’ll manage […]