Calendar of Senkar

On Sunday I mentioned that I was going to go over the calendar of Through the Fire, and possibly some other stuff. I’m going to start with the calendar, and we’ll see where things go from there. In the world of Senkar, the months are based on a lunar calendar, one similar to our own, but […]

December 9th 2018 Update

The Obsidian Palace has been read my Alpha readers. Overall, the reactions to it have been extremely favorable, though there are a few points that need polish, which makes me happy. That means I’ll be starting the next stage of the editing process this week. With things there at an ebb, I’ve managed to start […]

Patreon Launched!

I’ve launched a Patreon at! Some of you may remember that a while back I was considering doing a Patreon, but I really didn’t know what I could give, and also that I was quite uncertain about it. Recently that’s changed, and so have my circumstances. An author’s income is unpredictable, and it makes it […]

Musings of an Author

Maybe I’ve been a bit introspective lately, but I think this is something I’ve been thinking about for a while and I just wanted to share. I’ve loved fantasy for almost as long as I can remember, that and science fiction. Growing up, I vaguely remember watching part of the cartoon version of The Hobbit when […]

July 22 2018 Update

I’ve finished the second full edit of The Avatar’s Flames, and now I’m just waiting for the editor’s scheduled opening. I think the book turned out well overall, now I just need to see if everyone else agrees! This coming week, I intend to first finish the short story set in Lilith’s Shadow that I started last […]

July 8th Update

The first draft of The Avatar’s Flames is complete, at just over 102,000 words, and is currently being read by my Alpha Readers. Feedback has been generally favorable thus far, so that’s good! I do not have a release date just yet, but I very well might by next Sunday… which incidentally happens to be the […]

Back with Art

I was going to say this in a different order, but decided against it. I returned from the convention yesterday, and while I did enjoy my vacation, in some ways it was exhausting (and a bad mattress did not help). While there I met an artist, Taylor Fischer, who I commissioned to sketch a character that’s been […]