Mistress of Chaos Audiobook Release

Sorry about the late announcement, but I’ve been distracted. The audiobook of Mistress of Chaos is out, and I’m really hoping you enjoy it! Links are below.

4 thoughts on “Mistress of Chaos Audiobook Release

  1. I think I finally cracked the vault around my emotions today and managed to cry. I think I was mostly numb up until this point. Debating whether or not I need a grief counselor with my wife, honestly. I don’t think so, but… we’ll see.


  2. I’m…happy to hear that?! I mean, I’m sorry for all you have and will go through, but I’m glad you’re making progress! You do whatever’s best for you! Just remember two things:
    1) No one, not you, your wife, or the grief counselor, no one, is hurt by visiting them just to make sure that you’re heading in the right direction. Well…no one except maybe your wallet!
    2) Only Grown Men Cry. 😜


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