January 22nd 2023 Update

Perhaps unsurprisingly, considering my news last week, I didn’t get a whole lot done this week. I’ve come to the determination that I’m at least partially in shock, which… isn’t a surprise when one of your siblings commits suicide. I won’t elaborate further on that. To all of you who gave their sympathies, thank you. I’m moving on as best I can while dealing with it. Now, I’m trying to start gathering everything back together.

First of all, I got exactly one full day of writing done in the past week, which puts Dawn of Chaos up to just over 100,000 words. It isn’t as good as I’d like, but I’m taking satisfaction out of the fact I got anything done at all.

I’ve also paid to attend the 20booksto50k convention in Las Vegas this year. I’m not reserving a table or anything, but if you happen to go, I will be there. That’s in November, I should add.

Last, the art I intended to share last week, but… well, things happened. Thomas Rey illustrated a map of Senkar for me. It’s the world of Soul Bound and Through the Fire, in case you don’t remember the world. I can’t blame you if you don’t! I should note that due to some things not lining up how I expected them to, the precise relative location of Through the Fire and Soul bound have shifted, ending up farther apart than I expected, and their maps are likely… subject to adjustments.

Illustrated by Thomas Rey

Now, since a few of my Patrons asked where Loth and Selwyn are, I figured I’d explain. Just to add, both stories take place in areas less than 200 miles across, and this map is a world map, so about 25,000 miles wide. The nations are small. You’ll likely need to open the map link up above. Both take place on Kavarn, the top right continent. Loth is located just below the forest north-west (up and left) of the ‘o’ in ‘Sea of Mists’. For Selwyn, you’ll want to go north from the M in ‘Mists’, to just on the other side of the sparkly line, roughly the same latitude as the mountains running east-west. I haven’t run the actual numbers, but at a guess, they’re roughly a thousand miles away from one another.

Anyway, hope you like the art. I hope you all take care of yourselves.

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