February 14th 2021 Update

I took most of this past week off. I wrote a little on Queen’s Gambit just to get my thoughts moving on it, but at the moment I’m still working out what I want to do, especially with my general malaise of late. I’m hoping to get over it in the near future, and am working on solving the issues I think are causing me the most stress.

Honestly, I think that if there was ever a time for this sort of thing to happen, it’s nice that it happened now, when I have a book coming out next month and it doesn’t require me to do a lot more work. I’m also reminding myself that my yearly goal for book releases is three, not five or more! I usually over-achieve, and while I hope to do so this year, it’s off to a bit of a rocky start.

In any case, that means there isn’t much to announce this week. I hope everyone is safe and well!

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