November 8th 2020 Update

Queen’s Journey is up to ~65,000 words, and moving along nicely! Hopefully everything keeps going this way, but we’ll see. The past week has been pretty steady for me working on Broken Chains as well, though I’m not trying to do tons. I really look forward to seeing how it turns out, since I’ve had the ideas in mind for a long time.

In other news, I recently set up a store on Redbubble, as I’ve gotten just enough requests for prints of the art I’ve commissioned that I’ve been looking into the possibility for a while, and Redbubble looked like the best choice, since it was a lot easier for me to set up a lot of different items with a given image. Alas, most of the art isn’t high-resolution enough to go onto all products, but that’s how it goes. You can find the link below, if you’re interested.

Other than that, there really isn’t anything too exciting to share, yet. The cover for Queen’s Journey is in the middle of being painted, and I’m still waiting on the audiobook of Hives & Heroism to be approved. Hopefully soon!

4 thoughts on “November 8th 2020 Update

  1. Can’t help but notice there’s no poster options on redbubble. And what series will Jacqueline heartreaver be in? Or was she in 1 already I can’t remember.


  2. No posters? I know there are posters, as I’ve sold three of them in the last day (and I enabled posters for all the art, as I recall) Which one are you looking for? I could link it for you.

    As for Jacqueline, she’s been mentioned in Through the Fire, and is also mentioned in Dusk Gate. I’ve been idly working on a story about her, but it’s been slow-going. She’s an odd character.


  3. No relation with the actual post, but I just finished the Beesong trilogy and wanted to tell you it was a real treat. My grandfather’s health has been failing in the past month, on top of everything else going on, and it’s been tough. Joy’s adventure were a real ray of sunshine that I devoured in a couple of days.

    Thank you very much, and I cannot wait for more apis love, whenever it may come.


  4. My deepest sympathies for what you’re going through. Having a close relative’s health be failing like that isn’t easy in the best of times, let alone with the chaos in the world at the moment. I hope you get through it in good shape.

    As for Joy, I’m glad she brought you joy in the books! They certainly helped me, and it is not the end of her adventures! I have a short story called Young Joy which I’ll likely put up on my website around the beginning of the year. I’m currently sharing it via my newsletter, so sharing it publicly will come after that.


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