April 9th 2023 Update

Talyn: Unyielding is up to about 47,500 words, and coming along nicely. It’s probably going to be on the longer side, simply because there’s so many things to cover in the book at the same time, but we’ll see what happens in the end. I’ve given myself a personal deadline of getting it out by mid-August, but with any luck it’ll be sooner than that.

I’ve sent Dawn of Chaos to Podium, and they’re getting to work on it. I have no idea when it will be out, though. A lot depends on Abby Craden’s schedule, I expect.

In slightly different, audiobook-related news, the deal I signed to produce Ancient Ruins, Spells of Old, and Halls of Power runs out next year (the seventh anniversary of when each was released), and I don’t intend to renew it. There are a few reasons for this, but the primary one is that I released the second edition of each book, and I’d like the audiobooks to match the text. A secondary reason is that I’ve never been entirely happy with how the characters turned out, so I intend to pay to re-record the new version of the audiobooks. This also gives me the ability to bundle them in an omnibus.

I’m probably going to start looking at narrators to record the new versions here in the next few months, so I can replace the audiobooks as soon as possible after they come down. I haven’t decided who would be the best for them, obviously, since I don’t listen to audiobooks. It’s something I’d have to do personally, in part because I’m fairly sure the new copies will never pay for their production costs. Fortunately, the old ones have paid out more than enough to cover it.

Finally, I think I mentioned that I had commissioned two pieces of the Ellinaya Shade art. The piece above is by chaosringen (Hyde), and I really like how it came out! He’s an amazing artist, and did great work on that and the Mantles of Power series.

Stay safe, everyone!

9 thoughts on “April 9th 2023 Update

  1. Does that mean my current versions will be over written by the new ones? Or will they need repurchase for the new version? I rather like my current version

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  2. And I don’t recognize Ellinaya Shade what book is she in? Is it the new talent book? It’s the only 1 I have got yet I believe

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  3. No, they won’t be overwritten. Essentially, they’ll no longer be for sale, but Audible will retain them in their library as your purchases. The new ones would have to be purchased separately.


  4. Embers of War is the title of a book that I’m working on as a side project. It’ll be published when I have the entire series complete, currently only the first book is. Elli is the protagonist of it.


  5. Looking forward to Abby Craden narrating for Dawn of Chaos. She’s great for all of the books so far!


  6. Thank you for your continued support for audiobooks, it’s how I get my literary fix!!! Please keep up the good work! I’m looking forward to comparing the differences between them (how much of a change was there to the stories with the second edition?!)!


  7. Honestly, the changes weren’t too heavy, as I recall. There were a number of editing issues, and I seem to recall I cleaned up wording on some sentences, as well as hiring an editor who was more versed in Fantasy than the previous editor.

    The biggest change was that I added the extended ending to Halls of Power, since I wrapped it up a little too fast. You can find that on this website, though, so it isn’t like it’s entirely missing.


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