March 19th 2023 Update

I got to work on Talyn: Unyielding this past week, and it’s currently up to about 12,500 words. Not a huge number, but it’s getting moving! I expect to be slightly curtailed this coming week due to getting Dawn of Chaos ready to publish, but that’s normal enough. It’s not going to be for certain, though. A lot depends on when my editor gets the manuscript back to me. Speaking of Dawn of Chaos, the pre-order link is below, currently set for April 3rd, 2023. I may update the release date to be sooner if I have time to do so. Edit: I got it back in time, so it’s now set for March 27th, 2023.

Also, I promised some artwork this week, so… here’s some! We have the cover art of Dawn of Chaos, a character reference sheet for Vania Peldra, and one piece of the art of Ellinaya Shade that my patrons wanted, for the book Embers of War that I’m working on in the background.

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